A Common Sense Approach To Good Health

A Common Sense Approach To Good Health

Exercise can be fun, easy and inexpensive

We all know the importance of exercise, so why do we avoid it? When I think of exercise I think of health clubs, sore muscles, screaming coaches, pushing myself to the point of collapse, and embarrassment as I compare myself to other members of the health club. In short I think of, expense, pain and embarrassment. Exercise does not have to be any of those things. Consider walking as a beginning to your exercise program.

Walking is easy. Walking can be relaxing. Walking can be a chance to have a few moments to yourself or some precious together time with a loved one. Our lives are so hectic and busy we sometimes forget the importance of just relaxing and spending some time with those we care about. I personally enjoy taking a walk with my husband. We share our daily experiences and talk about our plans for the near and distant future. This special time together makes us feel more appreciative of each other. All the while we are enjoying the fresh air and each other’s company, we are also treating our bodies to healthy exercise.

After walking a bit at an easy pace, while we enjoy nature and time with each other, we will pick up our pace. By the time we return home we have had a beneficial workout.

Some benefits of walking are:
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1. Walking is one of the simplest exercises.

2. Walking uses almost all of the body’s bones and most of the body’s muscles.

3. You do not have to spend a lot of money on the sensitive equipment.

4. Almost anyone can do it without having to learn new skills.

5. Is easy on the joints.

6. You can adjust the pace.

7. Walking can be done anywhere, for example, in a shopping mall in bad weather are in the great outdoors when the weather is pretty.

8. Walking can be fun. You can include family, friends, or your dog.

For any exercise to be effective it must be done on a regular basis. Walking is an exercise that can become a family ritual, it can be fun, and is extremely beneficial. Walking will strengthen your heart and lung, increase your metabolism, improve your digestion, improve your sleep pattern, and help you handle daily stress more calmly.

As for some common sense things to avoid when it comes to walking.

Consider the weather. If it is hot, be sure to hydrate. If it is just too hot to be out, and you have a walking partner, then walk early in the morning or in the cooler hours of the evening.

If the weather is just not co-operating with your desire to walk, walk in a mall.

Wear appropriate shoes. These do not have to be the most expensive shoes you can find. Go to our favorite 24 hr. Super Store or consignment shops, yard sales, look around there are shoes out there that will meet your needs and your pocketbook.

Remember this is for health and enjoyment. Don’t push yourself to walk five miles the first day out. As soon as you make walking a chore or difficult rather than fun and maybe later on a challenge, you will be giving yourself a reason to quit.