A workout program for weight loss and health

A workout program for weight loss and health

When someone is looking at ways to lose weight, they want to firm, tone and shape their bodies as well. This is why it is important to incorporate a workout routine that can be easily done as well. Combining both into a person’s program will maximize weight loss as well as burn a lot of fat, gain muscle mass and improve their bodies’ appearance.

Let’s face facts here. Most people who are obese are unable to follow the high or low impact aerobic videos on the market today. This is very discouraging to people that want to lose weight and may cause them to not continue program long enough to achieve their weight loss goals.

The secret to success is to start work out routines slowly. Work your way up, as you get more stamina, you will start to feel better about yourself. If you do this properly, you will see positive results in less than a month’s time. Most people want to see results quicker than that. However, most people that do things that make them lose weight quickly will not continue that course and end up losing muscle mass while regaining fat in its place.

It is much better to take the weight off and keep it off. You have to look at the big picture, not whether you lost 5 pounds this week or not. By following a low calorie, low fat diet as well as utilizing fat burning foods, you will definitely lose weight. The work out routine will help you to maximize your results.

This is a great work out routine especially for those who are obese, sedentary, or have chronic health issues that do not allow them to do a lot of high impact exercises.

Start the day with a walk. It is recommended to walk at least 10 minutes twice a day if possible. If you are unable to do this, then walk for 5 minutes a day and work your way up 1 minute longer per day. You will be up to 10 minutes very quickly and will be able to see your progress!

Keep a journal of your diet and your routines to see how well you are progressing. Journal how you feel each day to show that it is easier to do the routines as you go along.

Second incorporate a 3 minute routine that will work on your abdominal muscles as well as improve support for low back muscles and can relieve back pain. The abdominal muscles attach to those in the low back so if they are out of shape, low back pain and muscle spasms can come out of this.

Do 10 push ups. If you are unable to get down in the floor, you can do push ups against the wall while standing. Angle your body at about 45 degrees with your hands on the wall and your elbows bent. Then push your body up until your arms are straight.

Do 10 crunches.

Do 10 squats.

Do 10 jumping jacks.

If unable to do any of the above exercises, are sedentary, or cannot stand or bend for long try these:10 leg lifts from a chair

Get some 1-2 pound weights and use them to do some arm lifts.

Bring the weights up in front of you, hold your arms out straight then bring the weights up toward you so your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle. Do this at least 5 times each if at all possible. Then bring your arms out to your sides and lift the weights straight out until your arms are even with your shoulders, then bring the weights toward you until the elbow is bent at a 90 degree angle. Try to do this at least 5 times as well to start then add on 1 repetition at least every other day.

As stated above this is a recommendation. If you can only do 5 repetitions that is good! Work your way up from 5 to 10 adding one repetition per day or every other day. Keep increasing the repetitions ever 2 to 3 days after you hit 10 on each exercise.

This incorporated with your 2 daily walks will get you very close to a 30 minute routine that is recommended by most health practitioners as well as trainers to get a good work out. Combine this along with a good well balanced low fat, low calorie diet and you will see results very quickly!