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Dieting while celebrating food: The Sonoma Diet

Like the Atkin’s Diet, the Sonoma Diet was first made known through a book. It was written by Connie Gutterson, and it advocates a balanced and moderate diet that needs no dramatic elimination or restriction of food groups. In this diet, you don’t have to count calories either, and you can still enjoy the flavors of the meal with a Mediterranean flavor.

The Sonoma diet boasts of its ability to combine the science and art of preparing and ingesting food. Its palatable recipes make it popular among dieters who do not want to be condemned to spend the rest of their lives eating bland foods. Sonoma can be found in California, USA, where it is popularly known for its top-quality vineyards. Connie Gutterson, the author of the book, is a registered dietician and she has been one of the consultants of the Olive industry for several years. The experience and education she garnered enabled her to write a book that has excellent and sound advice regarding weight loss.

Unlike other diets, the Sonoma diet was not formulated in a laboratory. Rather, it came from two of the most vibrant and agriculturally abundant regions in the world: Sonoma Valley and the Mediterranean Sea. These two regions share a common love for food and eating – they consider the act of eating as a life-giving act that should be respected and celebrated. Thus, not only the quality of food is preserved, the health benefits are also considered as well. The Sonoma Diet does not induce a fear or aversion of certain foods when eating. Rather, the dieters who follow this weight loss program enjoy eating more, while losing weight. Recipes are included in the various resources that the Sonoma Diet has put forth.

The Sonoma Diet consists of 3 phases, or “waves.” The first wave lasts for about 10 days, during which you will be enjoying excellent meals that have been prepared with healthy foods. Unlike the first phase of many other diets, you do not have to drastically alter your eating habits, which may result in you not enjoying your meals. The first wave does promote a strict guideline for recipes and meals that should be followed if you want the diet to be successful, but it allows you to eat your favorite foods, including cereals and breads.

The second wave lasts longer than the first. In fact, it will last for as long as you have not reached your target weight yet. This wave allows you to indulge in a variety of foods, including fruits and wine.

The third wave begins once you have finally reached your ideal weight. As with all diets that worked, you will need to be on a life-long maintenance program in order to keep the weight off. This wave teaches you about the benefits of eating well and how to maintain the weight you have worked so hard to achieve.

Why is the Sonoma Diet so successful? The theory behind the diet is that foods can be enjoyed just as long as they are the right foods consumed in the right amounts. Counting calories or forever subsisting on bland food can’t be good – sooner or later you will get tired and indulge, thus breaking your diet. The Sonoma Diet prevents that by letting you enjoy the act of eating rather than learn to dread it. In this diet, you will be taught that certain foods have corresponding proportions – that is, the ‘plate and bowl’ approach to portioning your foods. Some resources even provide wine guides to compliment your meals.

The top 10 foods that are considered “power foods” by the Sonoma Diet are whole grains, tomatoes, strawberries, spinach, olive oil, grapes, broccoli, blueberries, bell peppers, and almonds. The recipes that you will get once you have entered this program are numerous, and they all try to make these power foods come together to provide you with a meal that has all the necessary dietary nutrients while still being delicious.

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A workout program for weight loss and health

When someone is looking at ways to lose weight, they want to firm, tone and shape their bodies as well. This is why it is important to incorporate a workout routine that can be easily done as well. Combining both into a person’s program will maximize weight loss as well as burn a lot of fat, gain muscle mass and improve their bodies’ appearance.

Let’s face facts here. Most people who are obese are unable to follow the high or low impact aerobic videos on the market today. This is very discouraging to people that want to lose weight and may cause them to not continue program long enough to achieve their weight loss goals.

The secret to success is to start work out routines slowly. Work your way up, as you get more stamina, you will start to feel better about yourself. If you do this properly, you will see positive results in less than a month’s time. Most people want to see results quicker than that. However, most people that do things that make them lose weight quickly will not continue that course and end up losing muscle mass while regaining fat in its place.

It is much better to take the weight off and keep it off. You have to look at the big picture, not whether you lost 5 pounds this week or not. By following a low calorie, low fat diet as well as utilizing fat burning foods, you will definitely lose weight. The work out routine will help you to maximize your results.

This is a great work out routine especially for those who are obese, sedentary, or have chronic health issues that do not allow them to do a lot of high impact exercises.

Start the day with a walk. It is recommended to walk at least 10 minutes twice a day if possible. If you are unable to do this, then walk for 5 minutes a day and work your way up 1 minute longer per day. You will be up to 10 minutes very quickly and will be able to see your progress!

Keep a journal of your diet and your routines to see how well you are progressing. Journal how you feel each day to show that it is easier to do the routines as you go along.

Second incorporate a 3 minute routine that will work on your abdominal muscles as well as improve support for low back muscles and can relieve back pain. The abdominal muscles attach to those in the low back so if they are out of shape, low back pain and muscle spasms can come out of this.

Do 10 push ups. If you are unable to get down in the floor, you can do push ups against the wall while standing. Angle your body at about 45 degrees with your hands on the wall and your elbows bent. Then push your body up until your arms are straight.

Do 10 crunches.

Do 10 squats.

Do 10 jumping jacks.

If unable to do any of the above exercises, are sedentary, or cannot stand or bend for long try these:10 leg lifts from a chair

Get some 1-2 pound weights and use them to do some arm lifts.

Bring the weights up in front of you, hold your arms out straight then bring the weights up toward you so your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle. Do this at least 5 times each if at all possible. Then bring your arms out to your sides and lift the weights straight out until your arms are even with your shoulders, then bring the weights toward you until the elbow is bent at a 90 degree angle. Try to do this at least 5 times as well to start then add on 1 repetition at least every other day.

As stated above this is a recommendation. If you can only do 5 repetitions that is good! Work your way up from 5 to 10 adding one repetition per day or every other day. Keep increasing the repetitions ever 2 to 3 days after you hit 10 on each exercise.

This incorporated with your 2 daily walks will get you very close to a 30 minute routine that is recommended by most health practitioners as well as trainers to get a good work out. Combine this along with a good well balanced low fat, low calorie diet and you will see results very quickly!

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Top 10 Tips For Losing Weight

Drink Water To Lose Weight

Many people want to lose weight, and they want to lose weight quickly.  Well, first of all, you better have some reasonable expectations, because losing a lot of weight too fast can be unhealthy, as it puts unnecessary stress on the body.  With that in mind, if you are looking to shed about 10% of your body weight, give yourself at least sixty days to do it in the right way.

Here are some top tips for losing weight without creating a whole new lifestyle.

Count Calories – You must burn at least 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat.  Therefore, in one week, you must eat 500 calories less per day than what is required to maintain your current weight, to lose one pound.  Over a 90 day period (13 weeks), that equates to 13 pounds.  Most people hate to count calories, but the fact is, it is a necessity for weight loss.  Do yourself a favor and keep a journal of everything you eat every single day.

Before every meal you eat, drink a glass of water.  This will have the effect of making you feel a little fuller before you start your meal.
Article source :

Go for a walk every day.  Not only does walking burn off some calories, it gives you time to yourself outside in the fresh air, and that is always a good thing.

Pump some iron – While lifting weights does not burn a ton of calories, it does build muscle.  Increased muscle increases your metabolism, which helps you burn more calories.  In other words, a pound of muscle requires more energy to maintain than a pound of fat.

Eat a big salad every day.  No, salad is not a negative calorie food.  That is just a dieting myth.  However, if you eat a big salad every day, you will get a lot of the nutritional benefits of the vegetables and fruits you include in your salad, and if you eat it as part of a meal, you will feel fuller.

Eat a piece of chocolate instead of that big piece of chocolate cake or brownie.  Let’s face it, we all still have those cravings for sweets now and then.  In fact, for many of this, we get them on a daily basis.  So, go ahead and indulge yourself, but be smart.  Have one small piece of chocolate, or whatever sweet you crave, but avoid the big desserts.

Do your cardio workout in the morning.  If you happen to be a morning person, do yourself a favor and do your cardio workout in the morning before you eat.  Doing this will result in burning fat rather than burning up any of the food calories you have consumed during any meals you have already had.  Also, it gets your metabolism going for the day.

Cut back on the alcohol and soda – alcohol and soda that isn’t sugar free are calorie monsters!  They offer empty calories, those calories that have no nutritional benefit, and they offer A LOT of calories.  Most alcoholic beverages contain 150 calories or more, and a 12 ounce can of non-diet soda will contain about 140 calories.  Calories from beverages tend to add up more in the diet than other items.

Eat more slowly – the faster we eat, the more we tend to eat.  With that in mind, take more time to chew your food, and don’t shovel it in one bite after another!

Eat a low carb, higher protein diet – large amounts of simple carbohydrates from foods processed with flour or added sugar can wreak havoc on the blood sugar and lead to weight gain.  Therefore, avoid foods such as white bread, pasta and white rice and switch to whole grain breads and brown rice.

Conclusions – Tips For Losing Weight

These are just a few tips to help you lose weight and should help you get started.  If you combine some non-drastic changes to your diet with increased exercise, you are sure to lose weight, and probably more quickly than you imagined.  Keep track of your caloric intake on a daily basis, be smart about your diet choices, and burn some calories by being more active.  Within 90 days, you will have likely accomplished your initial weight loss goal!

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Do Diet Pills Work in the First Place?

“Everyone has a different say about diet pills! How do I know if they actually work?”

That is a very good question! Here’s a simple answer for you: “It works as long as you do things right!”.

Diet pills are not magic drugs. They do not burn fat in your body as much as you think they do. They have a totally different purpose and if you don’t understand this concept, you are just throwing money on the table.

Let me narrate an example:

Jack has almost 30 lbs of excess unwanted fat that is making him very uncomfortable. He finally decides to change his life around by losing the fat. First thing he does is DIET. He starves himself of his favorite foods and loses maybe 3 to 4 pounds. He then notices that he is gaining more fat for no reason! He is eating less by putting on fat again! DEMOTIVATION!

Jack then tries to find a solution on the internet where he gets bombarded with all these advertisements on diet pills X, Y and Z. He decides to order one of these (Hint: PhenQ) and tries it for a month while eating like he normally does. He only loses a pound or nothing at all! What’s he doing wrong? There is definitely something fishy here! Can you figure it out?

Jack believed that the pills will burn all the fat, so why not just stick to the normal diet. Just because the advertisement says you can enjoy your favorite foods while losing weight, Jack did not read the proper instructions and recommendations that can with the supplement.

Here’s the mistake!

Jack has to make an effort too! Nothing comes easy! The pills are usually in the form of metabolic boosters or appetite suppressants. In the case of PhenQ, the second one is true.

Article source : phenq review –
The first thing Jack should fix is his diet. Just because he can eat fatty foods does not mean that he should always indulge in those types of foods. The anything you can eat promotion is for Jack to eat maybe once or twice a week as a cheat meal.

Jack should stick to a normal diet but clean up the mess. Note that the pill only suppresses hunger, which means Jack should be eating less. Not gobble up all food in sight just because the pill is doing its magic.

Exercise – Jack should try intense resistance training exercises of 15 to 30 minutes three days a week and watch the results! If in doubt,  check out Youtube for videos on Tabata protocol. It’s time saving and more effective in 4 minutes that 60 minutes of jogging.

Everything works together. Diet, exercise and the pill all work together to give the ultimate results. Skip 2 of the 3 and no results will be noticed.

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Natural Health Magazine: Get Practical Advice

As people become more knowledgeable about health, more people are focusing their attention on natural health magazines for low-priced, healthier, more sustainable ways to boost their health for the long term. You can find anything from checking for weight loss solutions to even obscure mens health factors, like premature ejaculation tips.

Natural health magazines additionally cater to these needs by providing practical information on how to develop a healthy way of life. Being healthy is far more affordable than being in the rut of fast food.

If you stick to this path, you will end up eating a healthy diet and for a lower cost, as you won’t be wasting your cash on heavily-processed food with very little nutritional value.

You may even find natural health recipes that will entice your cravings while feeding your body the right kind of food that will raise your energy levels and simultaneously reduce illness.

The detrimental aspects of not living healthy are apparent in today’s society, where heart disease and obesity are becoming far more typical causes of death and pathology.

A more natural approach to health will help you to remedy this predicament. You will find that the suggestions you get from natural health magazines is especially simple and useful–designed explicitly to cater to people who have a busy work schedule and little time to work on intricate dieting strategies.

Almost all natural health magazines also examine food and budgeting tips, which gives them yet another significant dimension.

They find that it is in fact quite simple to turn practice into habit and in terms of living a naturally healthy life.

Find the magazines on natural health that will suit your needs and stick with it. You will be intellectually-stimulated as well as relieved to learn all of the answers to your questions about natural health.

Natural health may give you what you need to be happy and be able to appreciate your life. Research and know what it is that you want, as that will make it simpler for you to find that natural health magazine that will deliver those needs.

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Eat Junk Food without Getting Fat

Junk food! We all love it, and sometimes it is just to hard not to eat that sweet looking burger at the ballgame and sometimes you dont have an option but to starve or eat junk food. Today, I am going to briefly go into how you can eat junk food, and not get fat from it.

Most of you guys reading this workout in some sort of way, meaning you care about your physique and how eating certain foods will effect your physique. Unfortunately, many people believe the only way to maintain (or achieve) a great toned physique is to eat nothing but lettuce and bland, unseasoned meats (basically). I am here to put that myth to rest! If you want to eat junk as well as the healthy stuff, you can! With the proper training that is

In order to be able to eat junk, you need to gradually increase your weekly calorie intake in order for your body to adapt to the higher calorie junk foods. This process is called reverse dieting, and is probably my favorite method of dieting. If you read one of my previous articles Basics of Dieting, you would remember that counting your macros is key. I gave the 55% Carbs/25% Protein/ 20% Fats example. Let me explain how to count your macros now.

Lets say your daily calorie intake is 2000 calories. That means that just over half should come from carbs. So a little over 1000 calories from carbs. Now lets say you have eaten 1,600 calories  that day, and have eaten only carbs and proteins that day, leaving the 20% thats left for you to eat fats. So you eat some 400 calorie dessert and that brings you to 2000 calories for the day. Basically, you are allowed a certain number of fat a day, so as long as you dont exceed that you will be completely fine. Remember, fats are necessary! Just dont go crazy on them. To add in the reverse dieting, you add on say 100 calories per every week, so you would go from 2000 to 2100 calories (keeping the percentages the same).

I will bring a much more detailed article on this topic soon! Hope this was helpful and check back for the next one! Thanks for reading!

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