Do Diet Pills Work in the First Place?

Do Diet Pills Work in the First Place?

“Everyone has a different say about diet pills! How do I know if they actually work?”

That is a very good question! Here’s a simple answer for you: “It works as long as you do things right!”.

Diet pills are not magic drugs. They do not burn fat in your body as much as you think they do. They have a totally different purpose and if you don’t understand this concept, you are just throwing money on the table.

Let me narrate an example:

Jack has almost 30 lbs of excess unwanted fat that is making him very uncomfortable. He finally decides to change his life around by losing the fat. First thing he does is DIET. He starves himself of his favorite foods and loses maybe 3 to 4 pounds. He then notices that he is gaining more fat for no reason! He is eating less by putting on fat again! DEMOTIVATION!

Jack then tries to find a solution on the internet where he gets bombarded with all these advertisements on diet pills X, Y and Z. He decides to order one of these (Hint: PhenQ) and tries it for a month while eating like he normally does. He only loses a pound or nothing at all! What’s he doing wrong? There is definitely something fishy here! Can you figure it out?

Jack believed that the pills will burn all the fat, so why not just stick to the normal diet. Just because the advertisement says you can enjoy your favorite foods while losing weight, Jack did not read the proper instructions and recommendations that can with the supplement.

Here’s the mistake!

Jack has to make an effort too! Nothing comes easy! The pills are usually in the form of metabolic boosters or appetite suppressants. In the case of PhenQ, the second one is true.

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The first thing Jack should fix is his diet. Just because he can eat fatty foods does not mean that he should always indulge in those types of foods. The anything you can eat promotion is for Jack to eat maybe once or twice a week as a cheat meal.

Jack should stick to a normal diet but clean up the mess. Note that the pill only suppresses hunger, which means Jack should be eating less. Not gobble up all food in sight just because the pill is doing its magic.

Exercise – Jack should try intense resistance training exercises of 15 to 30 minutes three days a week and watch the results! If in doubt,  check out Youtube for videos on Tabata protocol. It’s time saving and more effective in 4 minutes that 60 minutes of jogging.

Everything works together. Diet, exercise and the pill all work together to give the ultimate results. Skip 2 of the 3 and no results will be noticed.