Eat Junk Food without Getting Fat

Eat Junk Food without Getting Fat

Junk food! We all love it, and sometimes it is just to hard not to eat that sweet looking burger at the ballgame and sometimes you dont have an option but to starve or eat junk food. Today, I am going to briefly go into how you can eat junk food, and not get fat from it.

Most of you guys reading this workout in some sort of way, meaning you care about your physique and how eating certain foods will effect your physique. Unfortunately, many people believe the only way to maintain (or achieve) a great toned physique is to eat nothing but lettuce and bland, unseasoned meats (basically). I am here to put that myth to rest! If you want to eat junk as well as the healthy stuff, you can! With the proper training that is

In order to be able to eat junk, you need to gradually increase your weekly calorie intake in order for your body to adapt to the higher calorie junk foods. This process is called reverse dieting, and is probably my favorite method of dieting. If you read one of my previous articles Basics of Dieting, you would remember that counting your macros is key. I gave the 55% Carbs/25% Protein/ 20% Fats example. Let me explain how to count your macros now.

Lets say your daily calorie intake is 2000 calories. That means that just over half should come from carbs. So a little over 1000 calories from carbs. Now lets say you have eaten 1,600 calories  that day, and have eaten only carbs and proteins that day, leaving the 20% thats left for you to eat fats. So you eat some 400 calorie dessert and that brings you to 2000 calories for the day. Basically, you are allowed a certain number of fat a day, so as long as you dont exceed that you will be completely fine. Remember, fats are necessary! Just dont go crazy on them. To add in the reverse dieting, you add on say 100 calories per every week, so you would go from 2000 to 2100 calories (keeping the percentages the same).

I will bring a much more detailed article on this topic soon! Hope this was helpful and check back for the next one! Thanks for reading!